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Step One: Connect With Our Breast Care Navigators.
Meet Our Breast Care Navigators

A breast care navigator is an experienced oncology nurse who works with patients who have received a breast cancer diagnosis. The breast care navigator is a single point of contact for you through your entire treatment journey. They help patients and their loved ones understand their cancer diagnosis and can assist with coordinating and managing doctor’s office visits, diagnostic tests and communication among the doctors to eliminate barriers to care and shorten the timeframe from diagnosis to starting treatment. Breast care navigators not only support you during your treatment journey, but after you are cancer free into survivorship with a focus on health and wellness.

The Baptist Breast Center’s Breast Care Navigator program makes dealing with cancer more manageable for you, your family and your physician. Acting as your advocate, the Breast Care Navigator guides you through treatment. They are there to help you cope by providing emotional support, answering your questions and making sure your needs, and those of your family, are fully addressed.

The Breast Care Navigator fulfills one of the most important roles in comprehensive breast cancer treatment. Their experience and attention to detail on your behalf allow you to focus on healing and hope.

Andrea Kassem is our Breast Care Navigator. They are experienced, capable and comforting. They answer the flood of questions that patients and their family members often have and provide exceptional guidance from the moment of diagnosis all the way through survivorship.

For more information about our staff, our services and our support network, please contact us at (210) 297-7005. To schedule a mammogram appointment please call, (210) 228-9729

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Life and Hope After Breast Cancer.

Life will be different for you and your family, but it can be normal again. Let us show you how.